Jan Turpijn was the mayor of the city of Novus Portus – better known as Nieuport – in 1489. He became a legend when he left for the war with the women of Nieuport to protect the city, armed with pots and pans filled with pitch. Every now and then he returns as the biggest giant in Europe, in memory of the historical figure Jan Turpijn.

Nieuport is still an exceptional city today, just as it was many centuries ago. Once you discover Nieuport, you no longer need to search for utopia, from the famous statue by Jan Fabre titled ‘Searching for Utopia’.


The brand new promenade is located right across from the Jan Turpin residence. Day and night, you can enjoy the magnificent view onto the channel of the port and the yachts that glide across it. The promenade takes you quickly by foot or bicycle to the dyke and to Avenue Albert I.

This attractive shopping street is the ideal place to visit the charming boutiques of big-name brands. If you take the promenade toward the quay you will arrive at the fishing port, where fish and shrimp are delivered every day.

The many restaurants around the fish market and the quay are the perfect spot for a break. As you might guess, a lot of them serve delicious fresh fish.

The Jan Turpin residence is centrally located, putting you within walking distance of all the best that Nieuwpoort has to offer. You will discover something new to explore in every direction.



Nieuport is surrounded by nature, which is not only beautiful to look at but also provides the perfect backdrop for cycling and hiking. Your residence is situated along the brand new coastal bike trail. You can also set off for the hinterland and explore it on bike.

It goes without saying that Nieuport is also the ideal location if you’re into water sports. You can sail in the heart of Nieuport or ride the waves while wavekarting off the coast. There are great conditions for surfers and kitesurfers too. If you’d prefer not to get too wet, you can always try fishing from the shore. Good luck!


The Jan Turpin concept carries the unmistakable signature of EL Architects. This contemporary architectural firm is making waves throughout the coast with a number of outstanding projects that give new meaning to the words ‘space’ and ‘luxury’.

Jan Turpin is a complex of detached buildings surrounding a green central hub. This unique atrium protects the building and its peaceful atmosphere. The compressed lines of the façade are perfectly balanced with the roofline, formed through constructions of varying heights. The result is a wide range of apartments and corner apartments, each with their own special features.

The characteristic colour scheme, inspired by traditional white coastal villas with red roofs, has been elegantly enhanced. The equally renowned architectural firm Bureau Goddeeris supervises the technical execution of the project and ensures its quality.